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Instructor Apps Diary Screen
Diary Page
You may also be interested in our sister product, Diary 8, another way to offer online booking and payment. visit the website

We are all buying more goods and services over the Internet, everything from holidays, books and music to takeaways, clothes and the weekly food shop, Driving Lessons are no exception. Given the option more than half of a Driving Schools Pupils buy driving lessons online*. Whether you're an Independent Instructor or a Driving School with a large number of instructors, Instructor Apps online diary allows you to meet this demand and give pupils the service they want.

The heart of any business is a good admin system, in a Driving School this is based around diaries and lesson booking. Whether it's paper diary and pen, or an office based computer system, every Driving School and Driving Instructor has an admin system. An online system is easy to to use when it reflects something familiar which is why Instructor Apps have a conventional diary page format. Your School, Instructors and pupils all use a diary screen they understand, consequently, they intuitively know how to use online lesson booking. Instructor Apps take lesson payments through PayPal and synchronise with Instructors iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Google diaries to keep everything up to date. Take a 14 day trial and see how familiar the screen layout is.

For the 40% of Pupils who want to speak to somebody on the phone you can add Virtual Receptionist to your Instructor Apps and never miss a call again.

Let us run your software

You probably have enough to do without adding installation, maintenance and back up of another piece of software. Sit back and let us do it for you. Instructor Apps are cloud based. We run Instructor Apps for you keeping them updated and backed up. You, your Instructors, and Pupils can use your schools Instructor Apps from any computer, tablet or phone with Internet access including:

How do you make online booking work on your website?

Instructor Apps Widget
Website Widget

We appreciate there are many ways you may have created your website, if you even have one yet. From online template tools to employing a professional web designer, or even programming it yourself. Whatever you've done you probably have the ability to paste in some HTML code. This is where your Instructor Apps Website Widget comes in. You don't have to understand HTML you just have to copy the HTML we provide and paste it into your website. You can use as many widgets as you like on your site they'll all search for lessons and display your diary screen. You can even add a Widget to your Facebook page. Alternatively, we give you a links direct to your Instructor Apps diary page you can add to any website, or directory.

If you don't have a website, Instructor Apps has a Website Builder App that makes website building easy. You can have up to 5 pages, each page already has a Website Widget and a mobile version. Everything is in your Instructor Apps cloud so you don't have to get involved in the techie things like hosting and uploading, your website just works as soon as you have added some text and pictures. Try Instructor Apps free for 14 days and see how easy it can be.

Stop bookings drifting away

See how easy it is to buy a lesson

With a Widget on your website you prevent Pupils drifting away in that twilight time when they are phoning around, sending e-mails and waiting for responses. Pupils will do a post code search, choose a lesson and buy it before even picking up a phone or moving on to another website. You also reduce the amount of time, calls and messages involved in each booking.

You are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you catch the pupils searching around out of hours who don't get around to calling when when you are answering your phones. By taking lesson payments online through PayPal your pupils commit to lessons reducing cancellations and no shows. Take a 14 day free trial and catch those drifting Pupils.

Make your Driving Lessons easier to buy with Instructor Apps

How easy is it to start online booking in my Driving School?

Getting Started with Instructor Apps

The easy way to see if online booking works in your Driving School is to click here and try Instructor Apps free for 14 days. No payment details are needed, just fill out the form and you'll be taken to your apps. To help you get started we are only an e-mail or phone call away. Your pupils will appreciate you making Driving Lessons easy to buy.

*The Bright Red L Driving School have been using direct booking from their website for over 3 years, 60% of their new pupils bought their lessons online from 19 Feb 2010 to 18 Feb 2011.

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